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 In moment’s digital age, where convenience is just a click down, it’s pivotal to know how to pierce and check your LESCO( Lahore Electric Supply Company) bill online. numerous individualities face issues with delayed or missed bill deliveries, which can lead to late payments and nuisances. also, understanding the process for applying for a new electricity connection with LESCO can be grueling In this composition, we’ll guide you through the way to check your LESCO bill online and give perceptivity into the operation process for a new connection. 

What’s LESCO? 

LESCO stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company, serving regions including Lahore, Kasur, Okara, and Sheikhupura. With over a hundred sub-divisions, LESCO plays a vital part in furnishing electricity to these areas. 

Organisational Structure of LESCO 

Before we dive into the bill- checking process, it’s essential to understand LESCO’s functional structure. LESCO operates through multiple Operation Circles, each overseeing a specific geographical area within its service region. 

Steps to Download your LESCO Bill Online New Update 2023 

To efficiently check your LESCO bill online in Lahore, you will need either the Reference Number or client ID. These can be set up on your mileage bill, generally in the top- left corner above the LESCO Electricity Tariff or Meter Reading Box. elect either the Reference Number or client ID, input it into the handed form, and click” View Bill” or” Download Bill” to pierce a digital dupe of your bill. You can view or download it on your smartphone or laptop. 

 LESCO Online Bill Check by client ID 

 For added convenience, the www.lesco.gov.pk website offers an option to check indistinguishable bills using your client ID. Simply enter your client ID, and you will admit a indistinguishable dupe of your bill. 

LESCO Bill Check by Meter Number 

While your electricity bill may display a cadence number, unfortunately, WAPDA/ LESCO hasn’t handed an option to check your yearly bill through the cadence number. rather, you can use either the Reference Number or client ID for bill verification. 

How to Make LESCO Bill Payment? 

Paying your LESCO bill has come more accessible than ever. multitudinous marketable and microfinance banks offer online bill payment through their web doors and mobile apps. This means you can settle your mileage bills without having to stay by long ranges at banks. 

LESCO Bill Online
LESCO Bill Online

 Accepted payment styles include 

  •  All Government Banks 
  •  All Commercial Banks 
  •  All Post services in Pakistan 
  •  Easy Paisa App 
  •  Jazz Cash App 
  •  NayaPay App 
  •  Omni Sahulat Shops 
  •  NadraE-Sahulat 
  •  colorful Banking Online Doors and Apps 

 also, LESCO has a Management Information System( MIS) accessible online through their portal. Check the link handed for access to the MIS Portal. 

Apply for a New LESCO Connection Online 

Say farewell to the hassle of paperwork and frequent visits to LESCO centers when applying for a new electricity connection. LESCO has introduced an online operation process for your convenience. Then is a step- by- step companion 

Step 1 Visit the Electricity New Connection( ENC) System, complete each necessary fields, and publish out the form. 

Step 2 During the online form stuffing, consider the following 

  • elect your connection type(e.g., Domestic, marketable, Industrial, Agriculture, Tubewell, Temporary, General Services, Domestic Colonies, Street Light) 
  • fit your National Tax Number( NTN) 
  • fit your Deals Tax Registration Number( STRN) 
  • Choose your electricity supplier( elect LESCO for Lahore) 
  • elect the applicablesub-division 
  • Specify your operation Status( proprietor or Tenant) 
  • give your name, father’s name, CNIC number, current address, mobile number( at least two), and dispatch( voluntary) 
  • Indicate the number of measures formerly installed at your home 
  • Specify your minimal cargo( in kWh) 
  • give demesne neighbor address 
  • Include the neighbor’s bill reference number and full name/ address 
  • From the cadence installation company dropdown, elect” Shahid & Co or Sajjad Sisters” 

Step 3 Upload the scrutinized documents listed below and attach them to the operation form.

  • insure that each document is in JPG or PDF format and doesn’t exceed 300KB in size. 
  • Property document dupe( Registry, Farred, Baynama, or Allotment Letter) 
  • Undertaking by the Applicant( stating no debts or being measures) 
  • For tenants, give a NOC from your landlord 
  • Attested CNIC dupe of the aspirant 
  • Attested CNIC dupe of two substantiations 
  • Neighbor’s electricity bill copy 

Step 4 Attach all the documents as mentioned over to the operation form and shoot it to your LESCO area officer. 

Step 5 After reviewing your case, the LESCO Office will issue a demand notice. Pay the specified quantum at the designated bank. 

Step 6 Submit a dupe of the paid demand notice to the LESCO office. Once vindicated, they will install a new cadence at your position. 

Procedure to Lodge a Complaint 

Still, similar as overcharging, billing complaints, If you encounter any issues related to your LESCO electricity service. Their contact figures are generally available on the LESCO website. 

In case of power outages, electricity theft, or major accidents, you can incontinently communicate 0800- 00118 from your PTCL number to reach the LESCO Complaint Cell or visit thewww.lesco.gov.pk website for further information. 

LESCO Energy Losses rearmost Details 

LESCO regularly updates its guests on energy losses to give perceptivity into the effectiveness of electricity distribution. These yearly and progressive details help guests understand the inflow of electricity within the system. 

Tips to Reduce Your LESCO Bill Cost September 2023

Electricity consumption and savings are hot motifs in Pakistan, particularly during the summer season. LESCO and appliance companies advise the following tips to minimize your bill 

  • Set your air conditioner to 26 degrees Celsius for optimal effectiveness and cost savings. 
  • Turn off gratuitous lights, kitchen appliances, and electronics when not in use. 
  • Choose fluorescent lights and mercury vapor lights over conventional electric lights. 
  • ensure proper- size capacitors for suckers and motors to minimize inductive lading. 
  • Schedule AC conservation before the summer season. 
  • Avoid using high- voltage appliances during peak hours. 
  • Use double- panel glass windows and quality curtains to reduce room heating from sun. 
  • Install rigid froth panels for sequestration in your ceiling and walls. 
  • Consider copping
  • an Inverter AC for reduced yearly electricity bills. 

LESCO Bill Calculator 

still, you can use the LESCO Bill Calculator to estimate your bill directly, If you are doubtful about the delicacy of your electricity bill and believe it does not align with your consumption.